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Test Booting VHD from USB

Test Booting VHD from USB

Ishan jain
It is not supported!..

It looks like you need more then just bootmgr for booting a vhd. And these components will only be available on Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise Plus Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. Plus i think it is enough with WIM support under bootmgr.

Windows does not support booting to a remote share or a USB flash drive, whether installed on a physical volume or from a VHD.
You can boot the Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE) from a USB flash drive, which is supported for Windows deployment.
Windows PE typically boots from either a Boot.wim or an installed image, but booting Windows PE from a VHD is not supported.

Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual Hard Disks in Windows 7

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