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Moving EPiServer Dev Environment from IIS6 to IIS7

Moving EPiServer Dev Environment from IIS6 to IIS7

Ishan jain
Last week I had to recreate a development environment for a EPiCMS 5 SP1 R2 (a mouth full), the problem was all I had to go from was the production environment.

The production is running on Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2 and so on. So i started by just copying the EPiServer site to: C:\EPiServer\Sites\ and restored the database from the backup.

Then I went on to install all the other dependecies, like ImageVault and EPiMail. But I couldn't get it to work, I had problems with FriendlyUrls among other things. After a bit for googling I came to the conclusion, the previous build environment was on a pre IIS7 windows.

So I decided to try with a clean install:

  1. Install EPiServer
  2. Install PublicTemplates
  3. Install ImageVault in PublicTemplates
  4. Install EPiMail
  5. Make sure everything works
  6. Replace the PublicTemplates with my Site
    1. Removed Properties, Templates folder from the site
    2. Removed Default.aspx, Global.aspx with associated files (.cs, .designer.cs)
    3. Copied the site i needed the environment for
  7. Restored the Database
  8. Changed all three of the connectionStrings, EPiServer, EPiMail, ImageVault
  9. Replaced the VPP
  10. Replaced the ImageDB ({SITE_ROOT}\ImageStoreNET\Data\ImageDB, ImageVault VPP)

Now I have a fully working copy of the development environment, which is on the latest (for now) Windows Server and SQL Server.

Note: The IIS user has the required permissions.