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Install Windows NT 6.x [Vista/2008/7/8] from USB

Install Windows NT 6.x [Vista/2008/7/8] from USB

Ishan jain
After getting responses for one of my older post, I decided to write a tutorial that might work today.

As it has been proven to work I am going to document the official way once more.

  1. Plug in the USB in your computer

  2. Open a command prompt window (Administrator Mode)

  3. When see command prompt:

    list volume

    Now you can see where your USB is mounted (write down drive letter)

    select volume {x}

    Where {x} is volume number

    create partition primary
    format fs=fat32 quick
  4. After you have exited diskpart, copy all the files from DVD to USB root

Now when you boot your computer from USB, it should start Windows NT 6.x installation.