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Windows 8 and ELMS (MSDNAA)

Windows 8 and ELMS (MSDNAA)

Ishan jain
Why do we students have to wait longer then the developers to get our hands on Windows 8.

According to Neowin students will be able to download Windows 8 on August 25th, a whole 10 days after MSDN and Technet. Even though I know I am going to hate the new "Windows 8 UI", I want to play with it, so that I know how much I really hate it.

I guess the new UI will maybe quite good, if I am going to use a Tablet, but on a traditional computer with keyboard and mouse, it is going to be hell, at least to start with. Still I am eagerly waiting for Windows 8 to hit Dreamspark Premium (aka ELMS, aka MSDNAA).