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New Hotkeys in Windows 8

New Hotkeys in Windows 8

Ishan jain

For a keyboard user, using mouse is pain. So I have traced down some of the Metro hotkeys that helps one to navigate Windows 8, with no touch screen and no mouse (for most parts).


Key Action
Win + C Open Charms Bar
Win + Q Open Search Charm
Win + H Open Share Charm
Win + K Open Devices Charm
Win + I Open Settings Charm
Key Action
Win + Q Search Apps (or in apps)
Win + W Search Settings
Win + F Search Files

Windows 8 Applications

Key Action
Win + Z Go to app options
Win + . Snap app to the left
Win + Shift + . Snap app to the right
Ctrl + Tab Cycle through app history
Win + Tab Open switch list


Key Action
Alt + F4 Close applications
Win + X System utility menu
Win + PrntScrn Take screenshot and save to Pictures
Win + T Preview open windows in taskbar
Win + U Open Ease of Access Center
Win + ESC Start Screen
Win + Enter Open Windows Narrator
Win + L Lock the computer
Win + O Toggles Auto-Rotate on / off
Win + P Open projection option