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Spotify and Android

Spotify and Android

Ishan jain
Is it only me, or does it seems that Spotify is not serious about its app on Android. I have a Spotify Premium subscription and i use it on two different Android devices.

One of them being Samsung Galaxy SII and other being Sony Xperia Z1. When S2 came out it was best in the market, and it can still give lower spectrum om high end mobile run for their money, while Z1 still is on the pedestal.

Playlists I listen to most often, I have downloaded them for offline listening. But still I can hear gaps (have gap less mode enabled), specifically when fading to another track.

This little irritation is present on born devices, and I can't say that any of them lacks processing power or working memory (aka RAM). From this all in conclude, is that the problem is in Spotify.

Then there is storing offline cache. A while back (about 2 weeks), I had to use a ZTE Blade III, and that device only has between 2-3GB on board storage. I know that the device is from the lower tier, but it should be able to be use as Spotify player; as it was marketed as one.
The problem is that one cannot choose to store offine cache on external µSD, which resulted in I ran out of space quite quickly. All Spotify has to do is give a setting, where one can choose where to store offline cache.