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Apt-get for Windows

Apt-get for Windows

Ishan jain
Lately I have not kept up with the news, lets say for last year or so. For some reason I clicked on About tab of Chocolatey on the site, usually I just search for the package, and leave it at that. On that page I read that Microsoft is going to implement an Package System (similar to apt-get for Ubuntu and yum for Red Hat), compatible with Chocolatey.

The has a link to the post Windows Management Framework V5 Preview on Windows Server Blog, dated April 2014!.. The post talks about the new package management system OneGet.

I am guessing OneGet is going to be part of next gen Windows Ecosystem, i.e. Windows 10 (NT 10?). It seems like, i might be able to ditch the start menu totally and just use PowerShell.

Talking about PowerShell, Command Prompt is going to get an update after like 15 years of service (if not more, don't think I used CMD on Windows NT 4. But my guess is, it has not changed much.)

PowerShell uses the Command Prompt core, it might get some better UX as well.

Lets see, what Microsoft will bring to the table in the new Windows 10 eco system. I am looking forward to evaluate the final build of Window 10 client and Windows 10 server, and maybe even Windows 10 Phone.