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Merge Hell with Git

Merge Hell with Git

Ishan jain
Today as a developer, you have to be able to trust on the tools you use. In my case I use Visual Studio extensively. We have no more and more projects that are using Git as the version control. With the introduction of Git, we decided to change our workflow for development and management of the new projects.

We divided our main workflow in three different branches. One for Development, one for Test and one for Production. We decided we should use feature branches, so that each new CR/issue/bugfix would result in one new branch from the appropriate main branch. The things were great for months, we created a pull request for each feature branch when we were done working on it. And then someone will review the code (not test), and then we will merge the branch, and delete the feature branch.

After a while we noticed, that some of our Razor views, were not merging right. And as per default Visual Studio doesn't check for the errors in Razor views, we could not be sure if a merge was done correctly (in the sense the application is not breaking).

After a bit of searching I found a way for Visual Studio to realize there are errors in Razor views.