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Episerver Ascend - Episerver and .NET Core

Episerver Ascend - Episerver and .NET Core

Ishan jain
Since Tech Days Sweden 2015, I have been a bit anti-conferences. I was so disappointed, that I thought it was waste of my time, I could have been more productive in my office (or work on some hobby project). My main problem is with the fact, today we have access to more information at our fingertips, then we will ever be able to get in any conference.

But then there are sometime some sessions, where you will get insights into something that has not been exposed publicly. As a .NET developer, I have been experimenting with the new .NET Core, for almost a year now. Have chosen new .NET Core as my go to templates in Visual Studio (even though, I have to re-learn some things). I love the idea of being able to code something in C# and deploy on all the platforms supported by .NET Core. Sure I could have used Mono in the past, but for some reason, Mono always felt like a hack and not a real solution for production. But with Microsoft supporting POSIX as .NET Core target, I can now run my C# code on Ubuntu (sorry CentOS).

As a Episerver developer, I would like to know how I will be to use my new knowledge from .NET Core in Episerver. When I came today to the avenue, I was "looking" to be getting bored really well. Then on the first session I chose, the conference sent me curve ball. The session was about how Episerver CMS Core team was working on getting Episerver ported to .NET Core. Even though for now they have been targeting only net461, not netstandard, so it is Windows Only with .NET Framework installed.

The presenter showcased how, the team was using new technology introduced in .NET Core. He showed how one could write cleaner templates with the help of Tag Helpers. Also how they have started to move from an implicit architect to an explicit architect.

I am looking forward to playing around with the new platform, even if it is not a fully shippable product yet.

It will be interesting to follow the progress of the team with both Episerver and .NET Core in the future. Also if they are able to switch from net461 to netstandard.