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Ishan jain
It has something like five years when I started using JSON for communication. When I really understood what JSON really is, and how it can benefit me, it was hard for me not to understand why I didn't use it earlier. I guess it was at the same time as I started using JQuery, as JQuery did make life easier for working with AJAX and JSON.

If my memory serves me right it was not much more earlier JSON became first class citizen in web browsers. As I remember it, the biggest pain with using JSON at the time for me was; serializing and de-serializing JSON to and from string. Also Newton King released what has now become a de-facto library (more or less) for working with JSON in .Net.

Five years ago, I was not thinking of REST the same way I do today. Today REST is integral part of any integration I create, at least on the provider side. When getting back a response back from REST API, I like to get the status property of the request directly inside the json object. Another advantage of getting status in response body is; you can look for status property while checking the health of your service with i.e. Application Insights. Plus I have learned not to rely just on HTTP status codes, as some developers just use 200 Ok for everything.

To keep myself using an standard I googled, if someone else has come up with something in line with my initial idea. I found JSend.