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Visual Studio as Daily Driver

Visual Studio as Daily Driver

Ishan jain
As an ongoing effort, I wanted to have a more versatile/cross-platform development environment. And with VS Code released for all major platforms, I saw a good opportunity to maybe switch to an IDE that I could use on both Windows and Linux, and still be able to code C#.

Sure you could fire up MonoDevelop, and do C# in Linux, but for me Mono was still a unknown factor. As the status of mono project had been very uncertain till Microsoft decided to support it officially. Second problem I had with Mono, was partial .NET Framework support, I do hail the efforts of Mono community, but lack of some of the features from .NET Framework made it harder for me to motivate myself to code seriously with Mono. But with new .NET Core I see no need in trying to work on Mono, when I know there is runtime that will work similarly on all the major platform.

On other hand, Visual Studio Code might be better choice for development on Linux.

Update: It was 1½ years ago I wrote this post, and the popularity of VSCode has sky rocketed since then. A lot of developers don't like to work with Microsoft Stack, but will gladly use VSCode from Microsoft. Today I am using Visual Studio for all C# and Unity, and VSCode for everything else. On that, this update was written in VSCode.