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Microsoft Edge: Chromium Edition

Microsoft Edge: Chromium Edition

Ishan jain
In December 2018, along came another announcement from Microsoft. Microsoft announced it would stop development on EdgeHTML, and replace it with the Chromium for Edge browser.

Yesterday, there was an official release (dev and canary channel, stable and beta will come later) of Chromium based Edge.

The Android version of Microsoft Edge was always based on Chromium code, now its big brother has also changed its core. The new Edge will be also available for macOS, another new since Internet Explorer 5.5 for MacOS. It would not surprise me if Microsoft will release deb and rpm packages of Edge in the future for Linux.

I have only one problem with this decision, the monopoly Google is getting by this decision. Now the only competition Google has against Chrome/Chromium is Mozilla Firefox. Not that it is really any different for the good folks at Mozilla Foundation. First they were against Microsoft with the domination of Internet Explorer, and now it is Google.

I just hope, Google will not use its position in the market to impact the market in any negative way.

Update: Microsoft released Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev Chanel for macOS.