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Useless to studying for four years for a degree in computer science

Useless to studying for four years for a degree in computer science

Ishan jain
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I Don't Think a Four-Year Degree is Necessary to Be Proficient at Coding'

Came across an article today, where Tim Cook (Apple CEO) was saying, that a college/university is useless in modern workplace. Kids just need to start coding when they are young, and by the time they graduate from high school, they well 'good enough' for writing apps for App Store.

Here is the direct quote:

"I don't think a four year degree is necessary to be proficient at coding" says Cook. "I think that's an old, traditional view. What we found out is that if we can get coding in in the early grades and have a progression of difficulty over the tenure of somebody's high school years, by the time you graduate kids like Liam, as an example of this, they're already writing apps that could be put on the App Store."

Liam is one of 350 scholarship winners who will be attending Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

So what Apple CEO is saying that they don't really care about the quality of code behind the app they would like to be published in App Store. I guess "as long as it works", Apple doesn't care. With the devices getting (almost) unlimited amount of memory, storage and compute, there is not need to optimize the codes. Just because it can be done, it is not needed any more?

I know, I usually joke that I didn't learn anything new while studying for my engineering degree, but that is not entirely true. The article reminded me some of the things that I did learn at my time at KTH (KTH: Royal Institute of Technology). I did learn to think about memory and execution optimization, sometime optimizing is overkill but in most cases it is good to optimize. Just because you have access to unlimited resources now and modern platforms with garbage collections and such, doesn't mean we can stop thinking about them.

Sure I can write the whole application in a single file, with only functions, with no regard of long term thinking of application management. But when I will need to fix a bug after 1-2 years, I will more of less will be forced to rewrite the whole thing. But as long as lt works, we don't need these traditional views on programming, right?