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Run .NET Core on Ubuntu with Snap

Run .NET Core on Ubuntu with Snap

Ishan jain
The other day I was playing around with .NET Core, I decided to provision a Ubuntu Server Core and play around with .NET Core on Ubuntu.

I have not played with Ubuntu in a while, not since I started to use Alpine Linux like 2 years ago, and CentOS 4 years before that. Apparently in the time, Ubuntu has had some new additions like snap or Snappy.

Snap are Canonical's answer to Flatpak, self-contained (aka PortableApps) for Linux.

Install .NET Core SDK CLI on Ubuntu with Snap

snap install dotnet-sdk --classic


dotnet-sdk.dotnet --help

For some reason, you can only access .NET Core as dotnet-sdk.dotnet. So far, I have not had any luck with creating a symlink, so I can access cli with dotnet.


Snap provides a better installation experience then the official way to install .NET Core.

On other hand you can just run it in docker.

docker run -ti