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Enable Role Based Access Control in Azure Kubernetes Services

Enable Role Based Access Control in Azure Kubernetes Services

Ishan jain
There are so many moving parts in a Kubernetes cluster, one of them is security. Azure handles the critical tasks like health and maintenance of hosted K8s cluster. Azure Kubernetes Service can be configured to use Azure Active Directory and Role Based Access Control, to make life even more easier.

Disclaimer: Currently I am employed by Microsoft, but my views and thoughts are still my own. The reason I joined Microsoft was, the work Microsoft have been doing for last couple of years in Open Source Space. Today I am a advocate for Open Source representing Microsoft.


Assuming you have:


Once you have AKS deployed and kubectl configured you can run the following command:

kubectl create clusterrolebinding kubernetes-dashboard -n kube-system --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:kubernetes-dashboard

The command will create ClusterRoleBinding, this will give the service account kube-system:kubernetes-dashboard the role of cluster-admin.

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